Headend Site Check Tool

Project overview

Product Owner
Central Division Engineering Ops


Headend Site Check Tool is designed for Central Division’s Engineering Ops to enter hub data on a weekly and monthly basis. The data is used to comply with OSHA state safety regulations and track data for equipment degradation or failures that could impact service delivery to customers

Design Problem

How to transform the existing desktop only site into a responsive site, while retaining all the features and functionality.


The headend site check application was very well received by the Engineering team. Field techs can now use an iPad to perform their jobs more efficiently

Design Process
User Research

There are primarily two types of users for this tool. Site Technician and Manager/Admin

Information Architecture

Based on the business requirements and user interviews, the site content was categorized and organized. Since this project is a site redesign, most of the information architecture was already sorted out, however no prior documentation existed.

Headend Site - Default Site Map
Headend Site - Default Site Map
Headend Site - Default Site Map
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Low Fidelity Wireframes

After the information architecture was accepted by the project team, the next step involved translating the diagrams into low fidelity wireframes.

Headend Site: Monthly Check, annotated wireframe
Headend Site: Monthly Check, annotated wireframe
Headend Site: Monthly Check, annotated wireframe
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High Fidelity UI Design
Style Guide

Before the final high fidelity mockup was designed, the visual exploration step included a style guide. This helped to create a consistent look and feel for the UI elements

Headend Site Checks Style Guide

Headend Site Checks Style Guide

High Fidelity Mockups

The wireframing step required several iterations due to user feedback. After the wireframes were accepted by the team, high fidelity UI mockups were designed

Headend Monthly Facility Check
Headend Monthly Facility Check
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My Role

UX Researcher
Product Designer
UI Developer

Design Tools

Axure RP
Adobe Photoshop
Visual Studio Code

UX Deliverables

Information Architecture
Site Map design
Low fidelity Interactive Prototype/Wireframe
UI and UX design
High Fidelity Mockup Design and Asset Management
Design concept presentations to project team and management