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Interview with Jiri Vondrak

JVD Photography

Jiri is an amazing, talented photographer, specializing in architecture and landscape.
He has an excellent web site and also has tonnes of pictures and videos on flickr. Though based in Toronto, Canada, his passion for photography has taken him from Kathmandu, to Mount Everest and several places most people can only dream of visiting.
Here’s an exclusive interview with him.

So, tell us about yourself… a little background info
As you know I have cosmopolitan background same as large portion of population of Canada. Being born in Prague, (former Czechoslovakia) I emigrated to Sweden in the begining of 80′ and then in 1990 I moved again to Canada. I am still keeping my Swedish citizenship.

Do you have an artist statement or your philosophy about photography?
Yes my Artistic Statment is on my web site www.jvdphotography.com and is:
I have always seen the beauty of LANDSCAPE as the ultimate creation of nature, whereas ARCHITECTURE as the ultimate creation of mankind…
For me, PHOTOGRAPHY is the ultimate creative tool for expressing my vision. It helps me communicate to everybody the often hidden artistic value of the world that surrounds us on every step of our daily existence.

JVD Photography

You have a lot of architecture and landscape pics…What inspires you?
My background is Architecture since after finishing university I was working in Architect office. Beside that history and Architecture were always my hobbies. Ever since I was small I was always hiking in mountains. That became an obsession since I gave up my professional career 6 years ago and concentrated entirely on world travels. There are so many beautiful places all of the world and I cannot leave them without trying to memorize them not only on my mind but mainly in form of pictures

How long have you been a professional photographer?
I started my own business JVD Photography 2003. But since I came from family of photographers – my father was a sports photographer. I was taking pictures and learning techniques practically my whole life.

JVD Photography

Any new exhibitions or shows coming up soon?
Definetly I would like to make exhibition about our trip to Himalayas since that was the experience of my life. However since i am planning intensive traveling this year again I am not sure how fast could I be ready for a major exhibition.

What is your creative process like?
Creativity comes with place, atmosphere and mainly light. Light can make even ordinary scene extraordinary. That mainly in Landscape setings. Photography of Architecture in my view is mainly about how to see angles and perspectives.

JVD Photography

Which artists, architects or photographers inspire you?
Architect/Designer: Olafur Eliasson, Film Maker: Ingemar Bergman, Photographer – I have no preferences there are too many but name at least one Ansel Adams.

Which cameras do you use… any favorites?
After closing of Minolta which I always used since it was my father’s favorite I started to use Canon in the digital age. Using Canon 5D Mark 2 mainly for architecture and Canon 7D during hiking

JVD Photography

Self taught or design school, where do you lie in the debate?
Always self taught. School put you in a box.

Any advice for young up and coming photographers?
See as many photographic books as you can – go page by page just scan to pictures – one of these days in the field you will know how to view the subject you’d like to shoot. Have solid knowledge of photo theory camera set up, lens selecton and good knowledge of Photoshop

JVD Photography

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