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Portfour.com is all about using state–of–the–art technology to create functional, accessible and user–friendly interactive design. The main focus is front end or user interface development, however other related aspects of web development such as server side coding and database technology are also featured. One of the core ideas behind portfour.com is to make digital interaction much more intuitive and exciting for end users and developers as well. There is also a need to bridge the communication gap between the creative types (web designers) and the hard core developers.
The blog section includes tutorials, articles about new technologies in web development and my comments on other blogs and sites that make the internet more useful to both seasoned IT professionals and neophytes.
The work section is my design portfolio showing some of my web based applications and digital imagery.

JVD PhotographyInterview with Jiri Vondrak
Jiri is an amazing, talented photographer, specializing in architecture and landscape.
He has an excellent web site and also has tonnes of pictures and videos on flickr. Though based in Toronto, Canada, his passion for photography has taken him from Kathmandu, to Mount Everest and several places most people can only dream of visiting.
Here’s an exclusive interview with him.

Facebook Access Token

How to create a custom Facebook data feed
When you need to create a customized Facebook Newsfeed on your web site, you can avoid using the common iFrame approach and create a widget using JSON format response from Facebook’s RESTful API.
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Google Maps

Google Maps Flash Tutorial
This is part one of a rather straight forward tutorial that shows you how to use the Google Flash API to make a custom Google Map app. You can customize the markers using movieclips!
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