Xfinity on Campus Mobile App
Project overview

Product Owner

My Role

User Research
Information Architecture
Product Design

Design Tools
Axure RPAxure RP
Adobe PhotoshopAdobe Photoshop
UX Deliverables

User Research
Information Architecture
Site Map design
Low fidelity Interactive Prototype/Wireframe
High Fidelity Mockup Design


The project involved updating the Xfinity on Campus website and developing a mobile app to provide high speed internet access to college students across the US.

Design Problem

The challenge was to design a platform that would appeal to Millennials and Gen Xers, who may have had previous interaction with Xfinity products and services. The existing website was not engaging enough for the young, tech-savvy audience, and there was no mobile app, which is a preferred platform for this demographic.

Design Process

The design process started with both primary and secondary user research. Primary research involved discussions with the product team – product owner, business analyst and other Xfinity agents who provided insight into how the service is implemented. Secondary research was carried out mostly through social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

User Research

Identify the types of students who need internet access and understanding what the student life experience felt like, especially for students who stay in dorms on campus.


The following personas were developed to create more empathy for college students


Information Architecture

Creating a site map for the current Xfinity on Campus site enabled me to identify the current content structure.

Xfinity on Campus-sitemap

Design Solution

I utilized my skills in UX Design and Wireframing to revamp the website. I used Figma to design and develop a user-friendly mobile app that would resonate with the target audience.


The updated website and mobile app significantly improved user engagement. The intuitive design led to an increase in the number of students using Xfinity’s services, boosting the company’s college student market.

Low Fidelity Wireframes

Xfinity on Campus - Wireframes

Onboarding User Flow

User flow for the sign up process is simple and straightforward.

Xfinity on Campus Sign up Userflow

High Fidelity UI Mockup

A few sample UI mockup screen designs can be seen below. Xfinity’s brand colors and design language have been adapted to create a familiar yet different user experience.

Xfinity on Campus Mobile App

Credits and Sources
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