This suite of applications includes:

  1. Photoshop
  2. Illustrator
  3. Dreamweaver
  4. Fireworks
  5. Acrobat
  6. InDesign
  7. Flash Professional
  8. Bridge
  9. Media Encoder


The industry standard digital image editing software keeps getting better with each new version. The content aware algorithms allow you to edit images quickly for example in the demo the product manager was able to move the female figure to a different location while Photoshop automatically filled up the previous position with a seamless background. Looks just as if the woman was never there. The new layer search feature allows you to search for a layer by name or by type (text, vector etc.) In vector layers you can also change line type, fill or stroke color from the properties menu. There’s a new command that allows you to duplicate, change blend mode or layer style of multiple selected layers simultaneously, this will save a lot of production time.
Photoshop CS6 now has an amazing 3D mode with tools that can change the camera angle, zooming in/out, adjust the lighting. applying the 3D mode to a type layer for example allows you to extrude the type, change font size, font type, color and even alter the geometry completely, all from within the 3D object and in real time!
The crop tool has also been overhauled with several new menu options such as selection overlays and preset crop sizes, shapes and aspect ratios. Also if you change your mind about cropping the original image is still saved. Finally the blur filter has a new photographic addition: Blur Gallery – iris blur, field blur, tilt shift. These allow you create camera lens effects like depth of field and even some effects that a camera cannot do, such as multiple focal points!


The new pattern editing mode allows you to create and manipulate tiled images seamlessly and easily. So you can change the color or scale the pattern image while the tile and swatches panel get instantly updated. The new image trace feature replaces the former Live trace, this makes converting bitmap graphics into vector objects, so much easier. It also has presets that allow you to control how much detail is transformed into the vector object. You can also create your own custom presets. The quality of the vector object is so good that you may find it difficult to see difference between the bitmap image and the vectorization. Another new feature in CS6 is the gradient on stroke option. It allows you to apply a gradient to a stroke and add cool effects like gradient along stroke, so the gradient is not linear or radial but follows the curve of the stroke.


Now you can easily create adaptive and responsive web layouts in Dreamweaver. This makes targeting various device screen sizes more manageable. Fluid grid layouts allow you to decide which blocks of content are displayed on different screen sizes and also change their relative positions. Adobe’s recent acquisition of PhoneGap is already yielding positive results with the integration of the web service into Dreamweaver CS6. Now you can build native apps for iOS and Android right inside Dreamweaver! jQuery support has also been improved. CSS3 transitions can also be edited and customized to suite your artistic muse.

Flash Professional

You can now convert your Flash projects directly into HTML5 using the amazing new extension in Flash CS6. It uses the createJS Javascript framework and the code generated can be reviewed and edited. You can now create apps for users on Android and iOS devices the export settings have the option to embed the Adobe Air runtimes with your app. You can also include device-specific extensions to target unique platform features such as vibrate, gyroscope and notifications.The new Flash includes Sprite sheets generation, allowing you combine several animation loops into one single object thereby improving performance.