In several Software development projects, User Interface Design is often misunderstood and seldom appreciated. This often happens when back end developers or project managers try to involve a UI designer towards the end of a project. If there is no dedicated designer available the backend developer who is usually a Java or .Net expert and has some CSS and HTML skills tries to create a User Interface by using a ready made template. There are quite a number of “no-coding-required” web site design tools out there. For example, Wix is getting more and more popular nowadays.

The problem with this approach is that you end with a web site built for the developer and not the end user. It is more of a Developer Interface than a User Interface!
The better approach is to bring on a User Experience or User Interface designer during the requirements gathering phase. There really is no substitute for knowing who your end users are and understanding their needs and pain points. It might seem like a waste of time initially, but believe me it is worth every minute spent. And your end users will thank you for this by actually using the application or visiting your web site.